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24 Jul 2020
All about your meat

The winning trio
We feel it is important to point ou that BioSuisse's specifications take account of people, animals and nature in equal measure. Often the focus is on animals and nature when talking about sustainable production, but let's not forget man, who has a prominent place in the equation. It is important for the farmer to be able to find the right balance while still respecting the BioSuisse specifications. BioSuisse puts this at the centre of its concerns by promoting a good qualtity of life while at the same time preserving resources for future generations. (...) BioSuisse

Did you know
The top-quality meat that we are fortunate enough to offer you comes from passionate Swiss farming families, all of whom are BioSuisse certified, be it beef, lamb or chicken.

During the winter the cattle are in free stabling, that is to say they can move freely in a space provided for this purpose. They can choose whether they want to stay inside in the warmth or go ouside to enjoy the sun, rain, wind or even sometimes snow. It is mainly fed with the farm's production produced during the summer. From spring to autumn, the animals go up to the mountain pasture where they move freely and feed on fresh grass directly on the meadow.

When the animals is 100% reserved between the BioCow Friends on the sales platform, the farmer or livestock transport company takes the beef or lamb by the shortest route to the slaughterhouse. Every effort is made to ensure that the transfer takes place in a calm and respectful manner.

Weight of the animal
BioCow buys the animal free for slaughter, i.e. the farmer is paid according to the DW(dead weight) or carcass weight. The weight of a live ox, which is not the same as the DW (carcass weight with bones without staling) must be distinguished.

To ensure that the meat is tender and has that unmistakable hazelnut flavour, we leave the carcasses to rest for min. 25 days in a cold room under the supervision of our butcher. Then our butcher will trim, cut, weigh, vacuum-pack and label the bags of meat. 

Refrigerated Transport
To ensure that your meat is fresh from start to finish, we work with our partner Murpf refrigerated transport, which ensures fresh delivey and an impeccable cold chain right to your door.

Your BioCow Team wishes you a great week!

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