The crowdbutchering process!

08 Aug 2020
From the farm to your door!

But how does it work?
Step 1
- At the farmer's house 
Our BioCow Team searches, organizes and books the animals at the producer's. In the days following the 100% sale of the animal, it is taken by the shortest route to the slaughterhouse.

Step 2 - In the slaughterhouse
1. Checking the identity of the animal by means of the ear tag and individual certificates for each beef or lamb.
2. The veterinary inspector checks the state of health of the animal
3. The animal is slaughtered and skinned
4. The carcass is split in two
5. The veterinarian shall, after control, give the go-ahead for marketing
6. The carcase shall be weighed, graded and marked
7. Traceability is checked again
8. The carcass is then placed in a cold room for resting for at least 25 days

Step 3 - At the professional butcher
The carcass is deboned, defatted, then the meat is trimmed, vacuumed, weighed, labelled and distributed in the parcels in an equitable way among the BioCow friends.

Step 4 - Sending the package
It's time to close the package, paste the address and send it to the refrigerated transport company who will deliver it directly to you.

Your BioCow Team

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