The Crowdbutchering history!

18 Jun 2020
From the farm to your door!

You might think it's new... but only the name is new! The participatory butcher's shop, our elders have been practising it for a long time, if not since the dawn ot time. Known as "Direct Sales" in the last few years, it has been modernised, rethought, adapted, optimised, digitised and baptised "Crowdbutchering". BioCow sees itself as a complement to direct sales!

I take care of everything, you take care of nothing (...)"Jamel Debouse"
Not everyone has the time and or the availability to buy their meat directly from the producer. Through our sales platform, you order your meat and BioCow takes care of the rest! We take care of all the logistics from the search for the animal at the producer's - to the delivery of your BioSuisse certified meat to your door.


  • Quick and easy to operate from your computer or your mobile phone.
  • Save time for a farm availability of the animal, traveling, etc...
  • One sales platform for your BioSuisse beef, lamb, and chicken
  • Fresh, sustainable, and ethical meat delivered straight to your door!

Don't hesitate to ask us questions, we are here for you!

See you soon!

Your BioCow Team

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