Who we are

The BioSwiss Crowd Butcher

Aware of the importance and the stakes of food and its impact today, we looked for an alternative to be best serve ou customoers on our farm where we sell organic meat from our own livestrock 

The concept of "crowdbutchering" corresponds in every way to our way of working on the farm, with importabt added value for customers: 

  • The online salesplatform www.biocow.ch enables a fast, simple and relaxed shopping experience, no matter where you are!
  • The meat is available all year around thanks to our BioSuisse certified suppliers (meat, poultry, lamb…)
  • The delivery is directly to you anywhere in Switzerland!
  • BioCow guarantees a flawless chain of cooling with our partner for cooled transports Murpf Transport! For customers who cannot be supplied with the cooled transports, as some places are not served, we work with the Swiss Post and cooling elements.

Our conviction is that each one of us, at his or her own level,  pace and with respect, can contribute on his or her own scale to a better world.


  • BIOCOW meat is:
    From farm to door and more…

    Our BioCow Team is made up of the best meat professionals who are responsible for finding top quallity livestock from the meat producer. When the animal is 100 % shared, it is delivered to the slaughterhouse. During min. 25 days it will be shaved and theb processed by our master butcher. Finally your package will be delivered directly to your door by our refrigerated tranport partner Murpf or the post. 

  • BIOCOW meat is:
    The certification BioSuisse

    Top quality meat, 100% BioSuisse certified, hormone-free, without hormones, without aditives, without preventive antibiotics, with respect for nature, animals and humans.

  • BIOCOW meat is:
    Beef 100% Traceable

    DNA sampling for each animal. This allows 100% traceability

  • BIOCOW meat is:
    Min. of 25 days maturation

    The meat is resting at least 25 days for the beef and 1 week for the lamb during which it matures and develops all these wonderful qualities, both in terms of taste and tenderness.

  • BIOCOW Meat is:
    A professional butcher

    Our master butcher carefully prepares and portions your meat in 500g bags. (2 people) and labels the bags individually with the name of the piece, weight and vacuum-packing date.

  • BIOCOW meat is:

    Your meat parcel is part of a whole. The animal is shared and sold in its entirety before slaughter. So everything is used and transformed.

  • BIOCOW meat is:

    Thanks to BioSuisse certification, an annual cattle and barn inspection is carried out at each producer to ensure that the animal is well treated, that its exits and its habitat correspond to the strict standards of the BioSuisse specifications.

  • BIOCOW meat is:

    Our BIOCOW Team ensures that meat producers are paid the price set by BioSuisse.

  • BIOCOW meat is:
    An impeccable cooling chain

    Your fresh meat is delivered to your door directly by our partner of choice:  Murpf transport frigorifique or by post (with cooling elements) for the few places that cannot be delivered by Murpf transport.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our goal and mission

    Welcome to BioCow, and thank you for your interest in our project!
    Aim: to enhance the value of BioSuisse certified farms
    ​​​​​​​Mission : to promote sustainability, anti-waste, ethics and fair trade

  • How does it work?
    • You book your meat online with other BioCow friends
    • BioCow will send you an email as soons as the animal is 100% shared.
    • For 25 days the meat will then fattened up for the beef and 1 week for the lamb and they will then develop its full potential. Our professional butcher cuts the meat and prepares your package.
    • And there's a last message to let you know that your package is on its way

    The process takes about 5-6 weeks as soon as the animal is  100 % shared.

  • What is Crowd Butchering?
    • You become a consum'actor, sharing a beef, lamb, pig... online with other BioCow friends
    • Crowdbutchering ("participatory financing for the purchase of an animal for slaughter by the crowd") is a mechanism that allows the financal contributions of a large number of individuals to be collected through a platform - the internet - in order to buy an entire animal for slaughter together
    • In this way, you actively participate in anti-waste since the slaughter only takes place when the animal is fully reserved and sold.
  • Why a BioSuisse Cerfification?

    Biosuisse certification meets our high expectations in terms of sustainability, ethics and fairness in every respect. BioSuisse's principles and commitments are as follows: 

    • Globality | Natural diversity on the organic farm 
    • Biodiversity | Diverse living spaces for plants and animals.
    • Animal well-being| Animal-friendly feed and stables, plenty of open air and pasture. 
    • Resource protection| No synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. No use of genetic engineering
    • Taste| Gentle processing without aromas or colourings, authenticity of the products.
    • Trust| Strict controls, no genetic manipulation.
    • Fairness| Guidelines related to social requirements and fair trade relations.

    With these principles, BioSuisse balances the interests of man, animal and nature. To find out more about this essential notion of balance, please bisit their page dedicated to sustainable development. (...)

    This certification is reviewed annually and only validated after an on-site inspection at the producer's premises by an independent BioSuisse inspection Body.



  • You are unavailable on the day of delivery?
    • No worries!
    • You can indicate another drop-off location.
  • Chicken box delivery

    If you place your order before Monday 17:00, for the chicken box, you will be delivered on Thursday morning of the same week by Murpf refrigerated transport or by post.

    Please note: As the BioCow boxes are not insulated, your presence is strongly recommended when your order is delivered. In case of absence the delivery man will leave your parcel on the doorstep. (read the GTC)

  • Can I choose the composition of the package?
    • No. The whole concept is based on sharing the whole animal equitably among "BioCow Friends" = no unsold = no waste.
    • All our animals have a different size and weight which explains the variation that there can be in the size and weight of your meat.
  • From farmer to your door...

    Our BioCow Team is made up of the best meat professionals who are responsible for finding and purchasing the BioSuisse certified animal from the producer. When the aninal is 100 % sold, it is delivered by the shortest route to the slaughterhouse.

    The meat matures for min 25 days and is then processed by our professional butcher and delivered by our refrigerated transport partner directly to your door.

  • How much room will the 4 kg and 8 kg parcels take up in my freezer?

    8 kg meat will take up a standard freezer drawer (46x60x16cm).

  • Delivery
    • Our partner Murpf Refrigerated Transport delivers refrigerated meat directly to your door.
    • Delivery time: 06.00 - 12.00 hrs. on the announcedd delivery date
    • Between 06.00and 08.00 hrs. the deliveryman will ring your doorbell only if you expressly metion it. If there is no answer, he will leave the package at your door if there are no other indications.
    • You can leave your telephon number and the delivery man will call you if necessary. If there is no answer from you, he will leave the parcel in front of your door.
    • If you are not at home, you can also indicate another drop-off point. For example: neighbour's address...

    Please note that our parcels ae not isolated. BioCow does not take any responsibility after the package has been droopped off at your address by our refrigerated carrier. See general terms and conditions.

  • Feezing - defrosting

    We advice you to

    • freeze your meat as soon as you receive it and if you have rooom to spread it out as much as possible.
    • defrost gently in the fridge overnight. Do not use a microwave or hot water.
  • Packaging

    Cardboard :  reusable, 100% recyclable

  • Meat packaging

    Your meat is vacuum-packed in bgs for 2 persons which are individually labelled with the type of meat, the weight and the date of vacuum- packing.

  • Meat conservation
    • Beef: 12 months
    • Lamb, pork :   6 à 8 months
    • Chicken:
      • whole: 8 months
      • in slices : 4 months
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