The Bio
Swiss Crowd

From farmer to your door, your BioSuisse fresch meat

How does crowdbutchering work

  • Book

    You, like other BioCow Friends, book and share the meat of a beef/lamb.

  • Sale

    100 % of the animal is sold, it leaves the farm.

  • Butchery

    The meat is matured for at least 25 days for the beef and 1 week for the lamb, then our professional butcher prepares your package.

  • Delivery

    Last but not least, a last message will inform you when your parcel is on its way!

"Beef" Package content

In your parcel, you will find a selection of BioSuisse meat of exceptional quality - special attention has been paid to the respect of the man, the animal and the environment.

  • Beef fillet

    The passion and know-how of our farming families!

  • Rib steak

    Love for animals and humans!

  • Steaks

    No GMO's, no hormones, no additives, no preventive antibiotics!

  • Sliced

    Minimum 25 days resting period!

  • Stew

    BioSuisse certification for all our suppliers!

  • Chopped steaks

    Sustainable, Ethical and Fair Meat!

  • Minced meat

    A professional butcher!

  • Roast

    100 % tracealbe!

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